avant syntetic pop performance group
Lodz, Poland

psycho-beat, electro-trance, magic show, moving picture shocks


The pioneers of polish electro & syntetic-psycho-pop scene;.
His exclusiv shows breaks the norms of conventional songs. 
Their performances verge on theatre and cinema - videoprojection of PLAZMA TV. 
Look also club live-acts project E1 (www.e1.prv.pl) and new project SONDA.

short story of MIKROWAFLE:
A controversial-electroshocking MIKROWAFLE group came into being in 2003 on a basis of legendary 
Protoplazma (1993-2003), former known as industial project Morris Generativ and experimental 
form, Fioletowe Plyny Zdrowotne. However, the main idea of MIKROWAFLE dates back 
in the past: was born at ca.1999 in Ciechocinek (small health resort in Poland). Initially, 
it was only conceptual project. But during the war in Afganistan (2002-2003) came into 
being an controversial, funny videoclip 'Talib's girl' - and that was directly impulse
to the beginning of MIKROWAFLE...

In short time Mikrowafle found themselves on 2 CD compilations edited
by Bogna Swiatkowska (nn6t, www.bec.art.pl)  and performed at much TV programms 
on Polsat (much popular TV-channel);  They took part in WOSP in Lodz and have played much 
concerts: at CAMERIMAGE and other filmfestivals, some at foreign countries (Czech and Germany). 
Moreover, Mikrowafle's songs are played on Radiostacja and Radio Jazz (non-commercial, 
popular radiostations). In spring they were nominated by Reni Jusis (popoular polish singer) 
for TopTrendyFestival. They competed with famous Sistars. Summer 2004 is 
a time of their hard work on their first serious videoclip 'We are professors' 
(won a main prize at summer 2005 in all-Polish television contest). 
At 2005 have his first CD-album: 'At last - where's this future?'; At 
the same time MIKROWAFLE leaves two persons:
Przemek Greger (one of best guitarists in Poland) and Monix.

At the half of 2006 appears new, dark-skinned opera-singer
Emose Uhungwango. At november & december 2006 MIKROWAFLE records
new songs; Some of it relases on new maxisingel: 'The dark time' - it's an
exclusiv edition, for promotion only. At spring (or summer) 2007 comes 
into the cinema new polish feature film with soundtrack of  MIKROWAFLE.

In nearly future (2007): project NEW TRENDS and MIKROPAPCIE 
- with participation of Papcie Chmiel - legendary polish comic author.....

story: here (eng)
rider: here (pl)

contact: mikrowafle@op.pl